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Troy Del-Grande, director of Woodice Pty Limited completed an Associate Diploma of Applied Science and Building at Sydney Tafe together with holding a Carpentry and Joinery Certificate. Watching and learning from his Italian grandfather, Troy made the decision early in life to follow in his grandfather's footsteps in the Building Industry. Whilst his grandfather, Peter, successfully developed many home unit sites throughout the St.George area, Troy received his first "hands on" experience in his grandfathers garage at the age of 7. His tutor was somewhat of a "perfectionist" telling Troy, "if it's not done perfectly, its no use doing it at all".

Woodice commenced trading in 1994 and Troy and his team have dealt in not only domestic housing extensions and renovations but also commercial and development work. He has experience in all facets of the building industry both in Australia and the United States.

Woodice is a small, family run business recently awarded a Certificate of Commendation from Rockdale Council on a specific project. It is a company where "who you see is who you get". Troy Del-Grande, once signing the job, works exclusively on the project until completion. There is no "handing over" to juniors. In fact, Troy completes most, if not all of the carpentry work himself. The team of sub-contractors are fully qualified and hold the appropriate licences for New South Wales.The company is also a strong advocate for Government traineeships and apprentices, with at least one apprenticeship scheme in progress at all times.

From start to finish Troy Del-Grande will be responsible for all client contact, completing the necessary documentation, insurances and of course Council inspections and certificates. Woodice Pty Limited is also accredited with a certificate of eligibility for "home owners waranty" -- A division of Home Owners Insurance (HIA).

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