Woodice Pty Limited
Licence No. 61602C
ABN 47 003 872 133




Woodice Pty Ltd is a Sydney based building and renovations company that has been in operation since 1994. Troy Del-Grande is the director and is trained and qualified to specialise in the following areas:

Ground and upper floor additions
Prompt and readily available free quotes

Our goal is to ease the transition between what your home is and what you want your home to become. One of the key ways the company implements this idea is by continually clarifying and improving planning and also building a shared vision of the future you wish to create for your home.

We have a large listing of past clients on display, so that you can inspect our high degree of quality.

Every week our current client is updated, showing the evolutionary process that the home has undertaken.

We also have a description of the director, detailing his awards and qualifications as a licensed carpenter and builder.



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